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Webcomic / The Tales of Lev

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Art promo featuring the three protagonists: Thomas Lev, Tania Tivon, and Christopher Bryant
The Tales of Lev is a fantasy webcomic created by Mary Sigona George in 2012 and published on ComicFury February 2013. There are also two issues of the comic on sale at various New York city comic shops and electronically through Amazon.

The plot is about a soldier named Thomas Lev who resides within a dream-world called Gluban. This world rests inside a sleeping girl's mind. Yet this world is not a place that one would expect to see in a child's imagination. There is no delicate perfection. Within it are trying situations such as war, chaos, crime, and corruption that Thomas and his companions feel obligated to mend for their own desires to bring peace and sanctity to Gluban.

The webcomic can be viewed here


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