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Down and defeated,

The Red Star is a Historical Fantasy webcomic about a parallel Magitek world. It features Maya, who had been one of the sorceresses, with fire powers, in the army, on her way to pay her respects to her dead husband, Marcus, on the anniversery. She recounts the battle that destroyed the United Republics of the Red Star after its defeat at the hands of Al'istaan, and killed her husband.

Starts here.

Unrelated to the Graphic Novel of the same name, and 2007 video game based on it.


Tropes included:

  • Talking to the Dead: Maya is writing a letter to Marcus in the opening, and her friend Alexandra, having told her that Marcus was dead and forced her to safety, tells him that she knows he would have wanted it.
  • Tap on the Head: Alexandra uses a punch in the jaw to overpower Maya.
  • The Tragic Rose: Maya brings them to the grave.
  • We Have Reserves: The attitude of the Republics' high command.


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