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Webcomic / The New Adventures Of Cool Spot And Calvin

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WOW! What a Spot! The coolness of all nations! No way! This Friday Loving, Sun Shading, Donut Eating, Monday Hating Spot makes your way to the classic that makes you cooler! Cool Spot and his radical pals Calvin, Kirby, Tufty, Ristar, Grimmy, Mr. Game & Watch, Kat, Ana and Felix as they joined to the super chillin', beach jammin' fun! Comic's so hot, you need your own shades! Cool Spot's radical talent and epic jokes will keep your shades nice and safe. Man, this is the HAIREST!


Wow. Having read that paragraph, written by the author himself, what are you expecting from this webcomic? A weird, hand-drawn surreal comic that questions the meaning of life? No, instead you get this: [1]

New Adventures of Cool Spot and Calvin is a gag-a-day webcomic written by Kikoman764, also the author of Club Office. It is not drawn, nor is it made with sprites - instead, it involves artwork of various characters in poses, copied and pasted over and over. They never change their pose, and have various adventures. It begins with Cool Spot, a 7-up mascot, and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. Of course, soon Calvin is for the most part forgotten.

The comic, especially the early days (the first two chapters) is often so hilariously bad and nonsensical it's actually fun to read. The author is VERY sensitive to criticism, in fact even banning you from commenting on his comic if you don't like it.


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