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Webcomic / The Lost Oracle

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A Webcomic by artist Lho Brockhoff.

Once, long ago, a mortal slew a God. But not just any mortal. An Oracle. A human bridge between the Gods and humanity. The Gods were not happy. They hunted mankind down, driving them to near extermination. Until a deal was made. The Gods would cease their attacks for the destruction of all Oracles, and offerings of blood. And so it passed that no Oracle was born for over 100 years.

In an abandoned metropolis, a young woman named Amra and her nameless Guardian prepare for her 17th birthday. Little does Amra know, she's not just any girl. A fact a princess of a far off kingdom has discovered. Amra's world is about to get a lot bigger. Because she is the Lost Oracle.

Can be read here.

  • Badass Gay: A throwaway line by Syeru states she has a wife. She's also a certified ass-kicker. Guardian as well.
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  • Catchphrase: Guardian is downright addicted to saying "Gods are cruel".
  • Human Sacrifice: The Gods are kept appeased with regular sacrifices of blood from chosen victims.
  • Kill the God: A mysterious Oracle somehow killed a God. The Gods were not pleased.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Guardian is referred to simply by his role. As a former slave, he wasn't even allowed a name to begin with.
  • Slave Liberation: Ambreen freed the slaves to spare Guardian his fate of being sacrificed.
  • Transflormation: The fate of Amra's father, Ambreen.
  • Warrior Princess: Syeru. Princess of the Serim Empire, and head of its royal guard.

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