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The Kenny Chronicles is a twice-weekly Furry comic by Garrett Williams (read it here). It is about a teenage fox (a "Tarneki") named Kenny who lives in the year 2129 on a ship called the Ballyhoo, part of a large "nation" of ships called Tarnation. There's no government out there on the high seas, and thus we have anarchy (plus the inhabitants were created by pirate scientists). So far it details Kenny's life trying to keep three part-time jobs, and from November 2008 to Nov. '09 his rivalry with Funky Skunk.

Williams has also created a themepark on Second Life based on the comic.

Ended on November 23rd, 2011, but a sequel, Ferrets Vs Lemmings, premiered the following January.

The Kenny Chronicles includes examples of these tropes:

Ferrets Vs. Lemmings