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The Jenkins is a minimalist gag-a-day webcomic drawn by popular user on Scratch, Hobson-TV.

Three grown-up Basement-Dweller brothers with unique qualities, Butch, Junior, and Barney, struggle with independent and free lives, after their parents move to a retirement home. Butch is a fat, stout, ditzy Grumpy Bear, Junior is a long-legged Manchild who provides the most puns, and Barney is an unrealistically tall coffee addict.

The humor tends to be sophisticated and based on Puns, so don't be surprised if you see that nearly every comic strip has a pun as the main source of humor.

The official site is here. Hobson-TV has also made an animated series and a game to go with it. They can be found here. Now in print!

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The Jenkins provides examples of:

  • Basement-Dweller: The Jenkins have been spending their adulthood in their basement, not having jobs and stuff like that.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Butch has a red shirt. Junior has a yellow one. Barney has a blue one.
  • Manchild: Junior is stated to be this, often doing childish acts and having childish knowledge.
  • World of Pun: Just look up a random strip and chances are likely that there will be a pun to go with it.

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