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A world of beauty, mystery, and danger.

The Depths is an adults-only furry web comic illustrated by artists A Blue Deer and Kino Jaggernov, and written by Leilani Perriere, under a pseudonym.

The concept began in 2009, when Leilani began writing erotic stories for her sea otter character of the same name. With the help of artist A Blue Deer, whom she had been a fan of for many years, they decided to work together to create a web comic based on these stories. In the spring of 2017, The Depths was launched, and the two worked together via their Patreon, under the name of Dark Blue Comics - not just with The Depths, but also A Blue Deer's other comics, Moonlace and Bethellium. At the end of 2017, a second artist, Kino Jaggernov, was added to the team to assist with coloring, inking, and special effects.

Based in the 1920s through the 1940s of an alternate Earth, the web comic follows a sea otter named Leilani Perriere, and her adventures above and below the South Pacific as she courts romance, danger, and epic adventure.


The Depths has enjoyed successful readership, and has consistently ranked near the Top 100 most read web comics on the Belfry WebComics List. It has received rave reviews for its writing and illustrations, and recently earned further distinction from Top WebComics, ranking among the Top 30 web comics in the world.

The Depths contains examples of: