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The Darklord's Echoes is a fantasy webcomic by Giant In The Playground member "Darklord Bright" that follows the zany adventures of the son of a demon god through a wacky infernal world. The comic is posted on the Giant in the Playground forums and originally had an art style inspired by The Order of the Stick.

The comic largely follows the story of Tallidan Bright, a character who originated from the Avatar Battle Royale as a joke character named "Darklord Bright" but has since changed into a more serious character. The strip details his adventures from shortly before he is initiated into a mysterious group called the "Isolators", but as he travels to their tower to begin his training, he crosses paths with a deadly enemy who turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg, and is swept up in a plot which spans all the way to the beginning of time.

The comic itself was drawn in the vector art program, Inkscape, with a mouse, but was officially discontinued due to the writer having a falling-out with the forum it was hosted on. A spiritual successor may be in the works, however.


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