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Suspicious Links is a webcomic drawn and written by HeartGear. The story follows a girl named Heart who is dragged into Interspace by a strange entity who goes by the name of Id Electronica. Id Electronica is an Emotion Eater who drinks off sexual desire. But Id has noticed that there's an odd disconnect with Heart and feeding off her is akin to eating empty calories. As a result, Id tasks Heart to confront her sexual desires by forcing her to travel to the dark niches of erotica. Heart must now travel to these corners of the internet and face her sexuality.


The comic has elements of bondage, not unlike Empowered, but it also contains Character Development, humor, and action.

The author has a Patreon which helps fund the project. There is also a lot of Audience Participation, with fans and readers getting to vote on what the author can do next, mostly whether to do more art or to continue the story.

You can start reading it here

Suspicious Links contains examples of:

  • Bound and Gagged: The heroine ends up bound and gagged a lot. Not just her; supporting characters, the villains, and even throwaway characters end up tied up.
  • Cyber Space: Interspace, as Id Electroica called it.
  • Emotion Eater: Id Electronica feasts "on the psychic flesh of your sexual desires". The reason she kidnapped Heart is because feeding off her desire is like "eating empty calories" and claims she's staging an "intervention" for her.
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  • Fetch Quest: Somewhat. If Heart wishes to escape Interspace, she needs to collect the shards of an access key Id Electronica broke and scattered across Interspace, which are located in the places Heart needs to visit.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Heart is a sweet girl who tries her best to help people. However, she does have a temper.

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