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Webcomic / Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World

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Will the World Survive him?

Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World is an Action Fantasy Webcomic written by Kwon Sun Kyu and drawn by Studio Khit

Ryu Han-Bin is a recent discharge of the Army who still hasn't found his footing in life. Then he's teleported along with thousands of people in front of a God, who gives them a "Guideline", something which allows them to check people's levels and improve their skills, and tells them they are going to be sent to another world. But before that, they will receive some training.Hanbin is sent alone to a otherwordly mountain to train until he reaches Level 5. There's just one problem: his "guideline" is malfunctioning, causing his Level to continuously revert to level 1 every time he's about to reach level 5, trapping Hanbin in an endless cycle of levelling and restarting for YEARS!. On top of that, the enemies keep continuously matching his combat prowess, meaning every single fight he must endure is a life-or-death match, no matter his actual improved combat abilities.


After untold years for this hellish existence, One day Hanbin is unexpectedly let out of his prison only to discover himself in a world that hates and fears him as an 'Otherworlder', a summoned being sent by the demon king to ravage the lands and slay the world's protecting Goddesses, with a long history of violence and bad blood between the Natives and the otherworlders like Hanbin. Forced to keep the truth of his identity secret, Hanbin must now find a way to survive in this strange new world without allowing others to find out his true identity, possibly get revenge on the beings who arbitrarily imprisoned him in a living hell against his will, and return to earth.

There is just one thing that lies in his advantage though- Hanbin's stats have continuously stacked up over and over every time his level reset, meaning that whilst he's technically level 5, his actual strength and abilities far dwarf any but the toughest monsters and beings around. Able to kill almost any monsters he meets without serious effort, Hanbin must now make his way in this strange new land and find the best way he can to survive before his immense strength brings him unwanted attention...


Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Ape Shall Never Kill Ape: This in deliberately inverted and invoked by the gods who gave the Otherworlders their guidelines. Not only do they gain massive experience for easy levelling if they kill the native Ratharians of the fantasy world, but they are also 'rewarded' automatically with an injection of 'Ormphlaus's Joy'- a drug that helps psychoactivly warp their minds to cloud any feelings of guilt whilst also causing them to feel intense joy and pleasure upon killing, to the point that many Otherworlders literally become addicted to killing in order to get their fix. Of course, Otherworlders are never told of this the first time they enter the fantasy world, so when they unknowingly kill a human, be it deliberately or in self-defense, they start to spiral down the path to becoming the Ax-Crazy murderers everybody sees them as. Hanbin is warned by an elderly gentleman who is aware of his true origins that he needs to stick to this trope in order to avoid becoming a monster, though it's left unclear if Hanbin's busted guideline would even work properly should he do so. Luckily, humans that have transformed into monsters don't count, so Harbin can kill them without any consequence.
  • BFS: As shown in the page image, Hanbin's main weapon is a massive sword he carved out of the bones of some of the larger hell hounds that constantly besieged him in the tutorial. Due to them increasing in strength to match Hanbin's own might regardless of his stat increases, said weapon is incredibly durable, able to withstand Hanbin's immense strength and the insane stunts he pulls off with it, such as being used as a temporary shovel to allow Hanbin to dig up a hill-sized boulder of earth to block magic attacks with. In the fight against Heresy Inquisitor leonheart, the blade finally shatters... because leonheart was powerful enough to push Hanbin to the point he started subconsciously unlocking his Aura to attack him with, the uncontrollable power ravaging Hanbin's body as much as it enhances his attacks, and eventually causing his sword to shatter from the strain, leaving him with only the hilt. Later on, during their visit to the Elf Kingdom, Hanbin's attempt to bury the remains respectfully end up causing the World Tree to gift him a reformed blade made of wood. Despite its apparent bluntness, the wooden blade is able to absorb Hanbin's Aura, allowing him to use it without damaging himself in the process until he can better control it.
  • Crazy Sane: Unsurprisingly, given what he endured, Harbin turns out to be this later down the line. When a Ghost possesses his consciousness to turn Hanbin's body against his allies, it kinds up in a hellish landscape resembling the Tutorial, and gets a glimpse of the damage that's been done to Hanbin's psyche through his ordeal.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: As shown in the page Picture, Hanbin is amazingly ripped from surviving his non-stop days of battling Hellhounds in the Tutorial, and in fact, his muscles are actually the best indicator of his true strength, give his faulty guideline and level. This comes in handy when Hanbin builds himself up under the false identity of a Valarian warrior, a race of people known of considering their bodies sacred, and universally considered to be barbarian warriors in the same vein as Conan the barbarian. With his existing appearance, Harbin already resembles the popular image of them enough that all it takes is a tan and for him to start walking around shirtless to complete the look.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Justfied. Many beings who can read Hanbin's level, such as other Otherworlders, believe that, despite his intimidating appearance, Hanbin's actual strength is pitiful, based solely on his low level. Then they actually start fighting him and realize he's far stronger than his level says he is.
  • World's Strongest Man: It's unclear if he's actually the strongest, but at the very least, Hanbin's glitched Guideline has resulted in him gaining physical strength and fighting abilities greater than most opponents he encounters, to the point that his sword swings can re-arrange the landscape, and the most damage he takes in a fight thus far comes from him finally unlocking his aura subconsciously during an intense fight, which is so powerful that it proves as damaging to Hanbin as it is to his opponent, which is arguably self-inflicted. It's to the point that Hanbin often has to be absent or separated from his allies in order for them to have any serious stakes in the plot, and Hanbin is often waylaid by external factors that mean he doesn't want to or can't utilize his full strength in a fight, the main one being that, if he shows off his strength too much, people might identify him as an otherworlder.


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