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Webcomic / Survival Horror in Short Skirts

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Some parts of this comic may be considered violent or 'amusing'.
001 INTRO part one (#1)

Survival Horror in Short Skirts is a 2018–2020 series of fan webcomics by Tapas artist lazytiger, crossing the two most popular survival horror game franchises, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Chased by a swarm of zombies, protagonist Jill Valentine of RE1 & 3 inexplicably finds herself glitched out of her own game and into the world of Silent Hill 3. Her presence and other consequences of the glitch exasperate the game's playable character Heather, who hates the break from immersion and resolves to fix the issue at any cost. The two of them form an Odd Couple, parodying and Lampshading every detail of and difference between the games as they endeavor to set things right.

The comic can be found here.

This webcomic provides examples of: