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Survival Anxiety is a webcomic created by Ryan Reid. It contains elements of Slice-of-Life Webcomics, Horror Webcomics, and Sci Fi Webcomics.

Each comic is self contained, and there are several groups of Recurring Characters. The groups of characters don’t interact with each other, however indirect references sometimes appear between the comics. Together their stories form a sarcastic view of life and the Universe. A pair of crows talk about people, their behavior, and current events. Robot and Francis the Sheep travel the universe having great adventures, while inadvertently causing havoc. Death has a joy of life that the recently departed don’t seem to share.


Survival Anxiety is usually formatted as a single page, containing 3 to 9 panels. Smaller 2 or 3 panel strips are periodically published between the larger monthly comics. The comic is black and white, although earlier comics are in color.

Survival Anxiety was first published online in 2016. It updated sporadically for several years, but has settled on a monthly schedule.


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