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Villain protagonist Dr. Herville Schtein

"The disastrous rise of a supervillain superstar."

A webcomic about the life of Dr. Herville Schtein, an abnormal scientist who descends into a life of supervillainy. Think if a Start of Darkness was the first book in a series that you read, and it starred someone who was a Jerkass Woobie scientist, and you've got the right idea.

Set in an alternate timeline in the 2057-2060s where the Cuban missile crisis was never averted, the world in String Theory is recovering from a major war which split the world between capitalist and communist super powers—with the scale tipped a little in the USSR's favor.

It can be found here.

Also, while String Theory is not R-rated, it nevertheless contains adult concepts and is written for adult sensibilities.

Now has a character page.


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