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Spy6teen is a webcomic by Tim Simmons, DJ Kewekane, Lisa Moore, and Brant Fowler. It is edited by DJ Kirkbride.

Spy6teen began as a contestant in DC COMICS now defunct webcomic initiative, Zuda. After the folding of the imprint, the team continued the story, intending to release it as a print comic; but seeing the opportunities available in the digital realm, elected to instead distribute in the webcomic realm.


The comic follows the adventures of Cally Calhoon, a model high school student who moonlights as an international spy. Difficulties arise as she realizes her two worlds are merging, despite her attempts to maintain a "normal" life.

Spy6teen updates on Tuesday, with writer, Tim Simmons providing a supplemental blog entry on Thursdays.

Tropes used in this comics include:

Alternative Title(s): Spysixteen


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