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"Lumi, a young Yersai shunned from her village, flees to human territory to become the key in a convoluted scheme to prevent an ancient prophecy from coming to fruition."
Kyte, Creator of Snowfall

Snowfallis a webcomic about the life of an Yersai. Started by Patrick Curry (Otherwise known as Kyte) at 1st Dec 2010, 7:15 AM, It follows the adventure of a female Yersai named Lumi.It is a action/fantasy/sci-fi webcomic located on Adrice.

The Yersai (pronounced: er-sigh) are a race of "Furry" creatures about 2 feet and 9 inches high, not including their tails, and weigh around 50 pounds. There are two subspecies of Yersai, ones living in woods and ones living in tundra conditions (Which they adapted to.), The main differences are their fur length and their fur color.

The Cast Includes:

  • Lumi Foxtail: The would-be protagonist of the story, whom starts off with a dagger stabbed in her chest threatening to bleed her out to death. Had Keith not found her that is. This rebellious Yersai is 15 years old and has some conflicting emotions over what to think of her village leaders and of the humans she has come into contact with. Her fur coat is typical of a Northern Yersai, mostly white with a few patches of greyish fur on her chest. She is roughly two feet tall standing up. Lumi gets her last name from her bushy, fox-like tail.
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  • Keith C.: This mysterious character find Lumi in the alleyway bleeding out. This (supposedly) acclaimed assassin works for a human guild as a 'Shadow'. He is 26 and typically wears all black, as per his uniform requires, and due to surgery in his eyes that increase light intake wears shades at most times.
  • Lloyd: This mysterious character is introduced at the Wayward Inn, holding down the fort until Lumi shows up and Keith tells them to leave town. He appears to be 8 or 9 years old and is roughly 4 feet 2 inches tall. He wears mostly black clothing, with red and white gloves.
  • Shaun Greyheart: A male Yersai who is a close friend of Lumi. He has appeared in a flashback in which he and Lumi stumbled upon a small crystal. He gets his last name from a distinctive grey heart shape on his tail.


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