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Twelve human teenagers play an unfamiliar game with disastrous consequences. They soon realise that their session will not be an easy one.

Smifstuck: A Tale of Two Sessions is a Homestuck Fanadventure by Leddblack. It's about Farren Alvey and his eleven friends playing a copy of SBURB.

Can be read here.

  • Absurdly High-Stakes Game: To be expected, since the protagonists are playing SBURB.
  • Alternate Universe: To Andrew Hussie's Homestuck.
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  • Expy: LeddBlack has stated in his one year anniversary Q&A that Farren is one of himself, and all the characters in the main group other than Farren are based on his friends when he was in his teenage years.
  • Fangirl: Emily.
  • The Remake: In 2013, Smifstuck started out as a standard MSPA-style webcomic, but in 2014, it was remade with its own unique art style. A comparison can be seen here.

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