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"When faced with a tough problem, stab yourself in the eye!"
M.C. Hamster

The Slackerz is a (now defunct) webcomic about two sometimes friends, sometimes enemies Scott Smith and Scott Hepting. They are trying to find ways to be awesome on the internet. Mission Accomplished. Their comics are mostly obscure internet/video game/ 80's references that go terribly, terribly funny in 0.8 panels. Scott Smith is known for being the writer, while Hepting is the artist of all of the comics. Some recurring characters include:

  • M.C. Hamster, a child-friendly mascot with some not so child-friendly advice.
    MC Hamster: Put salt in your eyes! (Disclaimer: All the cool kids are doing it)
    Director: The line was "Say no to peer pressure." Say no... to peer pressure. ...What the hell?
  • Johnny Turbo, a mascot for the Turbografx gaming machine who just doesn't give up.
  • Matt, who is Smith and Hepting's rival and the ultimate authority on EVERYTHING that's awesome.
  • The Evil CEO: A Corrupt Corporate Executive who's baffling approach to management satirizes all poor/incompetent/sadistic business decisions made in the media world, such as the cancelling of Firefly and causing the 2007 Writers Guild Strike.
  • The General: A General Ripper who appears both as an incompetent real life military official, and on occasion in video game jokes.
  • Keith, Brett, Max and Ashley: A group of gamers parodying both the original cast of Ctrl+Alt+Del, and gamer comics in general, including pointing out that basing a relationship entirerly on a shared love for video games is a VERY poor idea, and that keeping a homicidal robot as a sidekick would backfire spectacularly.

Most of the comics are written in a surreal world where anything goes (Including the Battlestar Galactica being taken over by Puppies. On. Bicycles.), but some take place in the real world (or a parrallody world) based on real events. But, yeah, most of them are all about video games. There was even a bit of controversy about this, or so a few of the comics would lead one to believe.

Tropes featured include:

  • Action Girl: In a parody of Pirates of the Caribbean, the pirates point out that Elizabeth can't possibly fight on the same terms as them, who have years of experience in both combat and naval life, not to mention the added benefits of more upper body strength, while she has been an upper class noblewoman up until a few months ago.
  • Cute Is Evil: MC Hamster looks like an adorable hamster, who's intended purpose is to spread positive messages to kids. He uses his position to teach them to hurt themselves and others instead, such as "Put Salt In Your Eye" or "Perform Open Heart Surgery On Yourself"
    MC Hamster: "Share your candy... and your broken syringes and used condoms!"
    Director: >:/
  • Digital Piracy Is Evil: Parodied. Apparently, when you copy a game, you destroy the universe.
  • Driven to Madness: In one strip Mr Spock is finally driven to insanity by the buffoonery and flagrant disregard for not only the rules but even common sense exhibited by Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew.
  • Evil Twin: One strip involves the evil twin of Hepting shows up. He hasnt got the concept of evil down very well.
  • Eye Scream: When the Evil CEO asks a kid an unusually complicated question, the kid responds by poking his own eye out with a pencil.
  • Gamer Chick: Parodied. As they make a strip parodying gamer comics with one girl that's constantly complaining that the fact that she's a gamer does not make solid grounds for a relationship with a horribly incompetent male gamer.
  • Groin Attack: A symptome of Super Herpes is apparently severe groin weightloss
  • Hiatus: Unoffically, at least. The Scotts disappeared for a while, but recently posted on their Twitter accounts that they haven't died yet. Smith said that Penny Arcade's Strip Search makes him want to start it back up again.
    • Also happened many times over the course of the series, since Smith actively tries to improve his writing style.
      • Now seems to be gone for good, all links go to a DNS search for the domain
  • Potty Emergency: Hepting spends the entire Ender's Game parody arc trying desperatly to find a bathroom before his bladder explodes. There was one on the space base, but he couldnt understand the signs. When they finally get back to Earth, Smith occupies the bathroom, and Hepting finally dies of sceptic shock.
  • Rule of Cool: Invoked near the end of this comic.
  • Serious Business: One strip making fun of this ONLINE trend shows a grown man knocking a kid off a bicycle, then loudly berating him for not being an expert the first time he sat down on a bike, then proceeds to stare menacingly at him through the window. Also the defining trait of Matt, the obese nerd who insists on viciously tearing apart everything he comes across.
  • Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket: Made fun of in this comic.
  • Torches and Pitchforks: One strip revolved around the gamers in attendance of Nintendo's DSi launch eventually revolting and attempting to lynch the spokesman for his focus on inane hardware ideas no one cared about.
  • Totally Radical: The corporate kids mascot MC Hamster as well as the Real Life mascot for the Turbograf-16 console Johnny Turbo.
  • Two Gamers on a Couch: Zig zags. The comic has a tendency to switch between gaming comics and general randomness.
  • Un-Cancelled: Twice! Or was it three times? Depends on how you count the short-lived River Road Comics, which got lumped into the "Classic Slackerz" gallery.