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Webcomic / Skela And The Oddstrange

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"Long dhere be dhee Oddstrange,
dhat krawls jag-ghedly thru dhee night.
It winds iz neck and kaws at we,
whom fall ill from dhee terrible fright."
Page 3: This Is Skela

Skela and the Oddstrange is a Webcomic prologue created by the musician akabaka and the artist Joseph C. Weide.

Taking place long after the age of humans, the world has become inhabited by monster-like humanoids. Society seems to get along for the most part, but the nightmarish Horrors that lurk in the darkness have kept everyone on edge.

The central protagonists, Skela, Jefferson, and Ari, have taken it on as their duty to eliminate the Horrors that terrorize society.


This webcomic contains the following tropes

  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Ari always has good taste, even in combat.
  • Nice Hat: Ari will never fail to done headgear with DEAD written on it.
  • The Ace: Horrors are beings of unimaginably nightmarish power, but Skela seems to take care of them with ease.

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