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(a silent cartoon... as a comic strip)

Silent Sillies is a Gag-A-Day Webcomic by Anthony Hunter based on The Silent Age of Animation. The webcomic stars Sidney Squirrel, his girlfriend Sally Skunk, his best friend Tom Turtle, his nemesis Wally Wolf, and Sally's friend Barbara Bunny. In true silent era fashion, the characters almost never talk (except in the "Speaks Comics"), and the humor is reliant on slapstick comedy.


The comic started in 2012, and is updated every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Silent Sillies contains the following examples:

  • Alliterative Name:
    • Sidney Squirrel
    • Sally Skunk
    • Tom Turtle
    • Barbera Bunny
    • Cassie Cow
    • Winsor Woodpecker
    • Wally Wolf
    • Desiree Dog
  • Alliterative Title: Silent Sillies.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Sally Skunk will NOT tolerate Sidney showing interest in any other girls, least of all Desiree.
  • The Voiceless: The cast, with a few exceptions, and in the "Speaks Comics", never say a word. Justified, since the comic is based on silent era cartoons.
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  • Wasn't That Fun?: In the "Mavericks and Mummies" story line, Sidney, Sally, and Tom are dropped down a Trap Door and slide down a watery slope into a huge pool. In the pool, Sidney is pointing up to the slope, holding a sign saying "Again".


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