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Schwarz Kreuz is a webcomic by Rhiannon McCullough.

Germany, 1942. A young paladin Nikolas van Helsing, wounded by the soldiers during an attack on an orphanage he's protecting, gives in to despair and turns himself into a virgin vampire...

London, present day. The top agents for the Institute for Supernatural Investigation, a self-hating vampire Nick van Helsing and his pyrokinetic partner, Joan Kaine, manage to get a stolen artifact back. But that turns out to be just the top of an iceberg...

An Urban Fantasy story of vampires, reluctant and otherwise, dangerous artifacts and an apocalypse hanging on a thread.

These tropes are out for your blood:

  1. Send both the heroes and his The Dragon to chase after MacGuffin
  2. Pull a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on whoever survives
  3. Profit! And he would have gotten away with it, easily, if that wasn't for the meddling kid that Nigel is.