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Webcomic / Saphie The One Eyed Cat

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Left to right: Sol, Sahn, Saphie and Simba.

A Slice of Life comedy webcomic by artist Joho.

It follows the foibles of Saphie, a rather corpulent feline who loves nothing more than lazing about and eating. Living with her is her perennially nervous younger brother Sahn, unflappable older brother Simba and later exuberant kitten Sol. Along with their harried and at times overly affectionate owner.

The cats are all based on actual felines owned by Joho, as can be seen in the occasional real life pictures of them.

Ended in late June of 2021 after 530 pages.

Can be read on Webtoon.

  • Formerly Fit: Saphie was a regular sized kitten. Then she realized she didn't have to play and run about to get fed. The food would come regardless. It was all downhill from there.
  • Genki Girl: Sol is an endless fountain of kitten energy.
  • Nervous Wreck: Sahn is scared of...well, everything really.
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  • Perpetual Expression: Simba's stoic look never changes. Whether he's happy, angry, hungry, etc.
  • Posthumous Character: Molly, the family dog who passed away sometime after Sahn came to live with the family.