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Webcomic / Rosenkreuzstilette at 4 O'Clock!

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Rosenkreuzstilette at 4 O'Clock (also known under the German title Rosenkreuzstilette um 4 Uhr!) is a fan comic of [erka:es]'s doujin platformer Rosenkreuzstilette by Joseph Staleknight. Set in the sixteenth century (which to the author's best knowledge is canon), it follows the adventures of Spiritia Rosenberg and her friends in the RKS army as they live through all manners of craziness.

It is available on Smack Jeeves here. Or, if you want better quality, try the deviantArt version here. Currently on hiatus due to a number of reasons, mostly the thin Strip Buffer, but will resume sometime in the future.


Tropes not already included in Rosenkreuzstilette (or are only briefly mentioned as background) include:


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