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Rocky the Rock is a Webcomic created by Diego Palacios, it can be read on Tapas


Rocky is the strongest, the bravest and the fiercest! His defense is unbreakable! And he is...a Rock... Yes an actual bouldering rock!.Join him in his fight against the forces of evil and behold the amazing feats of this inanimate object!

Rocky the Rock shows examples of

  • Cast Full of Crazy: Everyone but Kimura thinks Rocky is sentient, but maybe it is.

  • Coincidence Magnet: most of the enemies the main characters encounter get defeated by Rocky in some weird chain of coincidences.
    • Many examples involve the enemies attacking Rocky and getting hurt, beams getting reflected off it, getting drenched in sea salt during a ghost attack, shifting from side to side on a ship and more.

  • Elemental Powers: Kimura has the power of fire, only problem is he doesn't know how to control himself

  • Giant Enemy Crab: Subverted. He becomes friendly after a dancing number.

  • It Began with a Twist of Fate: Kimura's fate was twisted on it's head the moment Sensei declares a fallen space rock as the chosen hero. Kimura is beyond unimpressed being a sidekick to a literal rock.

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  • Kamehame Hadoken: Quite a few of them.

  • Martial Arts Headband: Rocky sports a red headband on his... head? That is actually the only thing he wears.

  • Highly Visible Ninja: Ice dancer ninja raptors! They are really easy to spot.

  • Zettai Ryouiki: Jenny wears a skirt and thigh-high socks resulting in this.

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