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Robotto Jukujo is a Manga series by Nemo and artist Darling Grim. The story follows a boy named Tomadachi Kujo who wants to be a Robot Pilot. However he does not have a robot so with the help of his friends he programs his Robot Mom to fight in the arena. Robot MOM cooks, she cleans and she kicks Robot butt.

The series is published online here

Robotto Jukujo contains examples of:

  • Action Mom: She's a robot mom who beats up other robots
  • The Hero: The story follows Tomodachi, however some would say Robot MOM is the hero of this story
  • Hot Teacher: Tomo's school teacher
  • House Wife: Robot MOM she cooks, she cleans, she kicks robot butt...ok so more she cook, she cleans is the trope
  • Nerd: Troy...because he wears glasses and he actually pays attention in class and studies
  • Nerd Glasses: Troy is known as the nerd of the group because he wears nerd glasses
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  • Raised by Robots: Tomodachi's real mom left so he is now raised by Robot Mom
  • Team Mom: Sura is actually the team Mom...not MOM


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