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Being a story about girls flying around in space...

Robots and Racks is a science fiction webcomic written and illustrated by Batchix and launched in August 2011. It chronicles the adventures of Petra Deunan, captain of the space freighter Wild Child and her colorful, mostly female, mostly human crew. Set an indeterminate amount of time following Earth's annihilation, the human race have continued to survive among the stars, individuals like Petra doing so by facilitating trade and smuggling between the various powerful alien races. Petra's crew initially includes the calm scientist/sniper Elizabeth, the upbeat ex-mercenary Peach, ship's engineer Pumpkin, and their security droid Crash. They are soon joined by Tumi, a convicted criminal working off her sentence and by Glitch, a robot butler whom Pumpkin rescues from a garbage dumpster. Deals are made, goods are smuggled, and adventure ensues.


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