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Robot Hugs is a webcomic in which the eponymous hero usually, but not always, breaks the fourth wall in order to converse with the reader about various social issues, or just Robot Hugs' own life.

Contains examples of many different tropes, such as:

  • Bi the Way: Justified, in that Robot Hugs does not really consider themselves to have a gender, and though the comic talks about sexuality, it's mostly about living with mental illness, not about sex specifically, but sex is a part of life, so it does come up from time to time.
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  • Broken Bird: Robot Hugs themself.
  • Cats Are Mean: Oscar, for a devoted pet, is a little jerk.
  • Everyone Calls Them Barkeep: Robot Hugs has a name from when they were female, but post transition, most people just call them by their online name, "Robot Hugs"
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: When Robot Hugs is handed some sort of brutal reversal by life, an emergency glass of wine sometimes appears, as illustrated here.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Oscar and Hippo.
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