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Webcomic / Raining Knives

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Raining Knives is a supernatural mystery webcomic about a young man who is haunted by the ghost of his brother.

Dylan Fletcher killed his brother Jerry, though no one has sourced the murder back to him yet. One day Dylan begins seeing things. More specifically, the ghost of Jerry. There's also another ghost bothering him, but he doesn't know who they are.

This comic provides examples of:

  • Ghost Amnesia: Dylan can't remember his death. He didn't even realize he was dead until Jerry told him.
  • I See Dead People: Jerry can see the ghost of his brother Dylan.
  • Missing Mom: Jerry's mother died in 2006.
  • Sibling Murder: Jerry kills his twin brother Dylan in jealousy. He regrets it a moment afterwards and reasons with himself that he hadn't meant to kill Jerry, just hurt him.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Jerry doesn't initially realize he's dead, but he can't figure out why no one sees him.