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RPG World: Fan Revival is a fan continuation of the long-abandoned RPG World by Ian Jones-Quartey. The website hosts links to the full original comic, plus new fan content with writing by DoomDragon6 and artwork by AtariBetch. The original RPG World takes place inside a Playstation Japanese RPG and pokes fun at all the tropes of RPG gaming while maintaining compelling story and characters.

RPG World: Fan Revival directly continues the plot immediately after the events of RPG World, before it was abandoned. It starts out with Jim, the real-life player of RPG World, continuing the events 7 years later, then continues the in-game story where it left off. The revival began on June 19th, 2016 though the initial pages were written in 2013, hence the "7 years later" as opposed to "10 years later". The revival went into an official hiatus on November 17, 2016 after the author had trouble keeping updates, but returned over a year later on July 31, 2018, and has maintained a steady update schedule since then.

The revival has enjoyed mild success, but the author has lamented the difficulty in finding older readers of the comic, due to the nature of the internet back in its original success and lack of current social media popularity.

In addition to the characters listed on the RPG World TV Tropes page, RPG World: Fan Revival has introduced:

In the "real world":

  • Jim's Roommate: Functionally replacing Jim's friend in the older comics, Jim now has a roommate, played by DoomDragon6 himself. Both the new live-action actor for Jim and Jim's Roommate have only appeared for a brief 7-page stint to launch the revival.

In the game world:

  • Mr. E: Less introduced and more expanded upon from the figure talking to Oligarch on this page, sporting his own mask and appearing only in silhouette.
  • Tuna: Descendant of the great Tunalesca (a clear parody/ripoff of Yuna and Yunalesca from the Final Fantasy series), Tuna is a Summoner Priestess of an underwater race of Fish People, who helped rescue the party when their airship exploded.

This webcomic provides examples of: