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The Princesses celebrate their 100th strip.

The people behind the Disney Princess franchise have (well, had) an unwritten rule that prevents the princesses from interacting with one another. Gathering the leading ladies of some of the most popular Disney Animated Canon films out there under one label is just begging for a Crossover of sorts after all.

Which brings us Pocket Princesses, a Fan Webcomic made by professional Disney artist Amy Mebberson depicting what would happen if the current and future Disney Princesses were all living under one roof. The result? Lots of hi-jinks and shenanigans as different personalities and eras mix, often in very silly ways.

Characters page here, but a quick summary:

  • Snow White: Purity Personified who reflects traditional early 20th century values. Does not react well to apples.
  • Cinderella: A former maid who still has a Neat Freak streak on her. Has troubles with her glass slippers.
  • Briar Rose/Aurora: Princess who was raised inexpertly by fairies. Sleeps a lot.
  • Ariel: The mermaid who wanted to know what it is to be human. Has a fish tail when immersed in water, but grows legs when she dries out. Due to the nature of her transformation, she can't speak when she has legs.
  • Belle: Bookworm villager turned bookworm princess. Really likes tea.
  • Jasmine: The princess from a desert kingdom with exotic tastes. Sassy as heck and prone to running away.
  • Pocahontas: The chief's daughter from the new world. Nature lover, outdoorswoman, and health nut.
  • Mulan: The Chinese girl who disguised herself as a soldier. Enjoys both warriorly pursuits and moments of peace.
  • Tiana: Supreme Chef and restaurant owner from New Orleans. Mess with her kitchen at your own risk.
  • Rapunzel: Princess with the really long and useful hair. Loves her paints and frying pans.
  • Merida: The Scottish, aggressively tomboy princess with a love of archery. Has a thing for bears.
  • Anna: The hyperactive Scandinavian princess, in contrast to her refined sister. Gets along well with Rapunzel, Ariel, and Merida.
  • Elsa: The queen of ice and snow with a mild case of Power Incontinence. Would rather not be associated with the other Disney queens.
  • Moana: The island chief's daughter who's friends with the ocean... enough so that it moved in with her, causing a few problems.
  • Leia: The Force Ghost of the famous Princess-turned-General who fought against tyrannical space rulers alongside her famous twin brother, now usually hangs out with the girls as a mentor to them. Loves Coke and tends to give the girls worldly advice.
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz: Actively campaigned to be a new princess in November 2018, in time for the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet. Racing enthusiast.
  • Raya: The newest of the bunch who have joined after her debut movie.

The comic could be found either in this Tumblr page (up to December 2018), or in this Instagram page, in this Pinterest page, or this dedicated Instagram page.

On February 19, 2016, the comic was put on Series Hiatus due to Mebberson's heavy workload. The hiatus officially ended on November 20, 2016, just in time for the release of Moana. On December 17, 2018, Mebberson announced the comic would no longer be updated on Tumblr, in protest of Tumblr's purge of adult content; the archives would remain up, but new comics would be limited to Instagram and Facebook. The comic went back on hiatus on April 20, 2019, again due to Mebberson's workload. It seems to have restarted as of November 23, 2019, with the release of Frozen II. However, it now only has a dedicated Instagram account here for new strips as Amy has also removed the Facebook page she'd had beforehand (to delete her FB presence) as well. She also returned to Tumblr in in protest of Twitter's new ownership in 2022, though comics still only post to Instagram; the Tumblr is more for fanart art.

Pocket Princesses provides examples of:

  • William Telling: Averted by Merida when Snow White just happens to have an apple on her head, although it takes lots of "Willpower". (Considering that Snow White freaks out at the sight of an apple, it was probably a joke by another of the girls.) Later gets a call-back showing that Merida controls herself much better, although she refuses to ruin a perfectly good apple, aiming at Anna's pigtails instead.