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Plush and Blood is a Furry Webcomic written and drawn by Corey "Tired Orange Cat" Messer that revolves around Stuffed Animals living in a Utopian society subtly ruled by a totalitarian dictator secretly stuffing the populous with behavioral control; and the subsequent fall of the empire. The first comic was posted on the 20 October 2006, with later pages appearing on a bi-weekly schedule. The first story, The Unstuffed, concluded 29 October 2010. The second story, Memory's Threads, began on 22 June 2012 and is on going with updates usually appearing twice a month or so. Uniquely starts off with title screens much like a movie.

Read it here. Or you can start here. Rated NSFW Mature (Web MA) for violence, blood and dismemberment.

Tropes featured in this webcomic:

  • Action Girl: Katt is just as capable of dishing out mayhem as Fox and/or Gray, and is seen to be even more capable after the Time Skip.
  • After the End: The Unstuffed arc ends with Brown's utopian city being nuked. The first few strips of the Memory's Threads arc are filled with descriptions of the resulting devastation.
  • And This Is for...: After curb stomping a deer plush, Katt snaps off his one remaining antler "...for insinuating I was Convoy".
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Cole, as descibed by Katt.
    Katt: "...There are mean plush. And then there are a special breed of batshit megalomaniacal incestuous clowns out there."
  • Ax-Crazy: Cole, as described by Katt.
  • Barcode Tattoo: During the "Unstuffed" arc, Katt has two barcode tattoos. One on the back of her neck, the other on her right rear cheek. By the start of "Memories Threads", she has obliterated them.
  • Bash Brothers: Fox and Gray seem to enjoy mixing it up with Brown's Invincibles.
  • Big Bad: President Victor Brown, at least in Unstuffed.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: Brown is a small Hitler expy hamster in control of the Order of the Broken Circle. One is his seven foot squirrel muscle.
  • Brainwashed: A large portion of the general populace has been imbued with a mind control fluid called E-Fill. They obey President Brown without question or pause.
  • Break the Cutie: Sally winds up catching this at maximum strength.
  • The Brute: Invincible One, who serves as President Brown's personal bodyguard.
  • Crapsack World: Either end of things, really. Choose between a world of mind controlled, instantly obedient thralls under a tyrant, or an 'After the End' complete with cannibals, slavers and maniacs.
  • The Dragon: Invincible Sixty-Five, to President Brown.
  • Elite Mooks: The Invincibles are one-hundred squirrels with Roman numeral insignia branded (embroidered?) on their bodies.
  • The Empire: The Order of the Closed Circle was Brown's idea for uniting the world. Under his personal control.
  • Fedora of Asskicking: Fox can be seen wearing one here. By the end of the "Unstuffed" arc, it has clearly seen better days.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Someone hired the Devil's Hands to kill President Brown. They promptly destroyed the largest city on the planet and caused a worldwide apocalypse that, even after the Time Skip leading into Memory's Threads, has made the world an even more unpleasant place than it was before.
  • I Take Offense to That Last One: Cole, at being called "a special breed of batshit megalomaniacal incestuous clown".
  • Infernal Fugitives: After a tight tussle with Invincible IV, Fox triumphs, and nails the decapitated corpse above a doorway, with a message for the other mooks written in blood: "The Devil's Hands have come to collect those that escaped from Hell." The Devil's Hands is the nomenclature for the two heroes. While President Brown's mooks never escaped from Hell, Brown's obedience serum makes them obey orders without question, qualm or mercy.
  • Mama Bear: After Katt takes someone in do NOT be the one dumb enough to threaten her adoptive child.
  • Number Two: Control seems to be this to President Brown, and the short story Brown shows that Control had served as Victor's assistant even before the Broken Circle was founded.
  • Reforged into a Minion: The Invincibles were once part of the resistance, but were captured and converted into Brown's personal Elite Mooks.
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun: Fox's weapon of choice.
  • Shout-Out: Fans of Brian Jacques' 'Redwall' books will know the reference to Martin of Redwall in the short story Brown.
  • Sliding Scale of Living Toys: The plush characters in this story push the limits of level 6 of this trope.
  • Start of Darkness: President Brown gets one of these in the form of a short story, giving a brief overview of his life and rise to power. Invincible One and Silence also receive short stories depicting how they came under the President's control.
  • This Is Going to Suck: Brown, immediately before One falls on top of him.
    • At the end of Unstuffed, when Fox triggers the detonation sequence for the processing plant's reactor core, Brown and his entourage simply stand in Stunned Silence.
  • Unsound Effect: "Door", "Face", "Feedback", "Scuffle", "Hurting". All these in the first dozen or so pages.
    • And "Potato" when Sally is doing some light thievery in a village market.
  • Walking the Earth: Katt, by the time of Memory's Threads.
  • You Are Number VI: The one-hundred Invincibles are all referred to by a number, which is branded as a Roman numeral on their chests and occasionally foreheads.
  • "You!" Exclamation: President Brown's last utterance.