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PinkBlack is a webcomic by French woman Rann. It is currently hosted here. Warning: It contains a bit of crossdressing and yaoi.

Fifteen year old Sifris is a wolf charmer, something he inherited from his less then helpful parents. A wolf charmer is a person who can summon, capture and control three different type of wolves, one of which is called a daemon wolf and can turn into a human.

Sadly, Sifris's skills are less then stellar. He can only summon cats and those are considered useless. He is sent to a relative named Loke, supposably to teach him. But all Loke wants to do is make him clean while he watches porn all day. Loke is, however, part of an organization that Sifris knows very little about.


Sifris himself isn't much of a social person, but has at least two friends: Zero and Charm. One day Charm asks if Sifris can take her job for a day. He is less then happy to take it because of the uniform but by the end of the day he finds himself the master of a pink haired daemon wolf named Terence...

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