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Webcomic / Pinch Point

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Pinch Point starts with two women coming across the body of a woman who died in an airplane crash thirty years ago. Their goal is to revive her.

Pinch Point is a webcomic that takes place during a war. It's about a girl named Yen who is brought back to life after dying in a plane crash 30 years ago.

This comic provides examples of:

  • 20 Minutes into the Future: The story takes place in the 2060s. In the 2030s there was a war that's still on-going.
  • After the End: A war began in the 2030s that left everything in a post-apocalyptic state.
  • Gorn: The comic features a lot of blood and violence, though it's in a cartoony and stylized manner. The characters spend the first several chapters carrying around a decomposing corpse that's split in half.