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One Phone Call is a cut-and-paste webcomic about a man named Garth, who is using his one phone call to call his mother and ask for bail and attorney.

The situation is complicated a little, as Garth's mother is very tolerant of anything her kids do, except outright crime. Garth needs to explain to his mother why he was arrested, and he has to do it in a way that will cause her to want to help him.

The comic is composed of a bunch of copies of the same picture of Garth on a phone, over and over, but with different speech bubbles and text. See, 'cause it's only one phone call.


It can be found here. (Note: It shares a website with another comic, 0 0 0 This Comic Appears First Alphabetically. The latest update, regardless of which comic it's from, is on the home page)

If you're looking for the trope, see One Phone Call.

Sadly, the domain is dead.

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