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No End is a webcomic that follows a group of people struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. They not only have to deal with a perpetual winter and hordes of the undead, there's also the day-to-day worries about friendship, betrayal, and even romance. Their ultimate goal is to outrun the military and to find 'Haven', a place rumoured to be free from the oppressive military, the oppressive cold, and the undead, even if none of them are sure that it even exists.

No End can be read here. It also has a Tumblr account run by the creators themselves.


Tropes included in this work:

  • Action Girl: Jenn carries a Desert Eagle with her everywhere, and her military background means she's an excellent spotter. She also prefers skirts and wears stylish boots to trek around the wilderness.
  • After the End: According to Word of God, it's been eighty years since the apocalypse.
  • Body Horror: The zombies themselves are bloodlessly gruesome, and their kills are often horribly mutilated. As a partially turned zombie, Wight has no skin or lips around his mouth. This is why he's rarely seen without his mask.
  • Cast Full of Gay: All of the main cast are some flavor of LGBT+, with several who are bi or pan.
  • Crush Blush: Modra with Wight, Benny with Jerry, and Jerry (again) with Cotton, among others.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Jenn is never cold as in mean, but she's very distant and closed off at times. However it's clear that she cares for Wight and Cotton, and she does open up to Modra and Benny with time.
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  • Friendly Zombie: This is possible with some infected, but virtually unknown of thanks to the "shoot people the second they are bitten" policy. The few that have been encountered hence have every interest in keeping their state hidden.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Benny starts out as being quite cold and angry, but he quickly shows a warmer and friendlier side when he's not under such extremes stress. He's ultimately a nice guy, just one who's prone to lashing out when he's worried.
  • Speech Impediment: Wight has a mild stammer when he's talking a lot. He does mention that he's not used to talking at such length and it's later revealed that it's his mask that makes him sound strange. However he also sounds strange without the mask; given that he has no lips due to being partially infected, he can't naturally make certain sounds.
    Wight: Was it hard to, to disappoint someone so that you could have what you wanted?
    Wight: Jenn's more like a, a mother, actually, she's been taking care of me for as long as I can remember.
  • 'Tis Only a Bullet in the Brain: Colonel Remington, known to the group as Crow, somehow survived a bullet to the head, even though it was fired from a yard away. He's not too happy about it and seems to want revenge.
  • Zombie Infectee: Infectees in this series have an even shorter lifespan than in other series: the military immediately kills anyone who's been bitten to break the chain of infection. A few lucky people survive the infection if they aren't killed before turning. Wight is one of these, as are Ratan and Tora, bounty hunter twins. This type of infected don't seem to be obligate cannibals, but Ratan and Tora eat people anyway.