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He also likes to iron and do the hoovering.

Nichtlustig (a.k.a. Notfunny) is a gag-per-day format comic series by German comic-strip artist Joscha Sauer. According to him, it was something he did to pass the time while looking for a real job. That was in 2000. He seems to have quit his search.

So what's it all about? Let's see: Clowns chopping off their legs for no reason, lemmings finding creative ways to commit suicide (or stalking Death), Yetis melting their caves in the course of baking gingerbread... You get the idea.

...Welcome to notfunny!

There exists a German as well as an English version of this strip series, which seems to have been taken down and is now only available on Nichtlustig started as a Webcomic, but to date the cartoons have also been published as comic strips and (with some exclusive material) as a 5-volume book series.

Not to be confused with Dude, Not Funny!.

Tropes in the Nichtlustig cartoons:

The eighth dwarf.

  • Camp: The Poodle of Death in his greatcoat ("tuntig gut oder tuntig schlecht?"/English translation "camp gay good or camp gay bad?"), or when he frets about something.
  • Interspecies Romance: There's a nice gorilla lady who likes her human partner for his personality - and not just because he has banana-legs.
  • Porky Pig Pronunciation: Let's just say, it helps if the doctor treating you is able to pronounce heart defibi...defrib...defibiri...defibrillator.
  • Running Gag:
    • The lemmings trying to commit mass suicide and failing (a cargo ship of trampolines passing by, heading away from a cliff due to bad orientation skills...)
    • Mr. Riebmann, an old man who lives in the wall and is understandably grumpy about it, who passes the time by getting into arguments with his neighbor.