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Monster Girls on Tour is a webcomic by Spanish artist Kukuruyo. It sets us in the world of Robukan, a very Monster Hunter-esque world, inhabited by both humans and monster girls

Monster Girls on Tour provides examples of:

An Ice Person: Anyone with an ice element can do this

Ax-Crazy: Herensuge (a monster from Spanish folklore) is this, full stop. Her derangedness makes her do anything, up to and including torture, manslaughter and rape, and she seems to genuinely think that monsters are the bad guys by default.


Big Bad: D'Jahira and the other Matriarchs, who want to wipe humans off the face of Robukan.

Blood Knight: Salamanders in general, particularly K'Sara. They live only for the thrill of battle

Blow You Away: Europa's power, being a wind element.

Elemental Powers:

Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors: It goes like this: Water->Fire->Ice->Earth->Wind->Lightning->Water

Cute Monster Girl:

Fantastic Racism: Both humans and monster girls share a certain animosity towards one another. In the Light Strait (essentially the Equator), it is nearly nonexistant, but the further one gets, the more pronounced it becomes.

Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Almost continuous as K'Sara's companions can hear her inner monologues.

Les Yay: K'Sara is... very welcoming of the same sex.

Lightning Bruiser: K'Sara is this, since her Symbiosis involves shooting fire through her legs to boost her speed to obscene levels, and that she is a Salamander, the physically strongest race in the world.


Made of Iron

Making a Splash: D'Jahira element is water instead of fire, which led her to be ostracized by her fellow Salamanders as a child

Mana: Essence. It's essentially the magic of the setting, and those who have developed it enough unlock a unique special power known as a Symbiosis

Playing with Fire: Salamanders are fully attuned to the fire element since birth. D'Jahira is the exception

Proud Warrior Race Guy: Or girl, rather, as Salamanders are an all-female race.

Shock and Awe: K'Sara's secondary element.

Shout-Out: The serpentine guild is rife with this: On one side, there's Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Moon, and on the other there's Echo, Blue, Charlie and Delta.

The Dragon: Anubis is this for Dragon, who in turn seems to be this for D'Jahira.