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Metal Phone Mouse is a webcomic that spawned from an RPG thread on a Swedish forum site.

Designed and drawn by Darren ‘Hiddeninshadow’ Coleman, written by Mhairi ‘Maria-Cells’ Parr and with a little humorous input from someone referred to as ‘the Pieman’, the webcomic is based on a public roleplaying endeavour on the Swedish gaming site (specifically, this thread). All of the major characters – and many of the minor or incidental ones – are based on characters from the original thread, as roleplayed by an eclectic group of forum-users from around the world (although mostly from the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK).


The titular organisation of unclear purpose – although officially referred to as a mercenary group – consists of a Ragtag Bunch of supernatural or otherwise-abnormal beings who took it upon themselves to uphold the local Masquerade, take out dangerous demons and other supernatural nasties and, beyond that, basically just hang around in their huge HQ building. Disbanded some time previous to the comic’s beginning, the first arc deals with MPM being reformed when three of its original members – demon-hunting mercenary Shadow, vampire Chip and zombie-killing Badass Normal Pieman the Third – eventually put aside their differences and return to the base with two new recruits – master conman Brass and his protégé/Morality Pet Squiggle – in tow, and the aim of recovering a collection of Shadow’s swords stolen and sold on by Brass, which all have the unfortunate side-effect of turning people insane.


From there, a series of plot-twists have rendered things a little more complicated.

As of February 2013, the series has been officially declared sadly Orphaned.

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