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The first panel of the first part
Lusty Argonian Maid'd is a Transformation Comic / The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fanfiction created by Valsalia, who also created Out-of-Placers. Despite the work's name, the comic is mostly safe-for-work, save for some flirtatious poses and off-screen intercourse.

The Dragonborn, hero of the Nords, has been cursed by a rather bored Shegorath into taking on the form of an incredibly flirtatious Argonian. However, dragons still plague the land of Skyrim, and it will take some unlikely allies to overcome this transformation and help protect the world in its time of need.


  • All Part of the Show: In Part 38, a nerdified Pussywillow is given a wedgie by Crushabelle, but a nearby crowd accepts it as a travelling performance using a crowd-pleasing metaphor for the dominance of classic Nordic values over those of foreign races.
  • Amazonian Beauty: Barbarian Hero Crushabelle is notably one of the tallest and curviest cursed forms in the series.
  • Ascended Extra: Delphine, a member of the Blades in the original Skyrim, quickly becomes the tritagonist of the story.
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  • Barbarian Hero: Delphine turns into one named "Crushabelle the Mighty" upon taking up the Dragonborn's role of "Hero of the Nords" and being struck with the curse.
  • Beleaguered Boss: Orgnar, the owner of the inn that "Lifts-Her-Tail" starts working at (without actually being hired), is constantly frustrated by how much she flirts instead of doing her job competently.
  • Crossover: Valsalia has uploaded bonus strips that cross this comic's cast with their main work Out-of-Placers, such as this Outfit Swap.
  • Fighting from the Inside: The Dragonborn's personality is still inside Lifts-Her-Tail, and is constantly struggling for control, as anything they say to express their current feelings to others gets filtered to match Lifts-Her-Tail's persona. When Orgnar gets cursed, it turns out they can both perfectly understand each other's true intent despite what their bodies are actually saying.
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  • Forced Transformation: Played with for The Dragonborn, who is frustrated at their current predicament but is also actually kinda into it. Most of the other curse victims express more frequent shame, though "The Revealening" notes that exhibitionism is a common side effect of the curse.
  • Gainaxing: When Delphine is first cursed into becoming Crushabelle, it takes a full six panels for her chest to stop bouncing, to her frustration.
  • Garden Garment: Fenrig, a villager that Orgnar threw out of the inn for causing a drunken ruckus, decides to get even by having Pussywillow steal everything of value from the area, only to end up cursed into the form of a literal tree-hugging, cannibalistic female elf with a flower crown, a large leaf for a poncho, and a smaller leaf as an undergarment.
  • Gender Bender: Overlaps with Race Lift for most. Besides the focus of this story being a male Nord forcibly transformed into a female Argonian, many other Nord and human-like characters are given a gender swap into another race entirely. Orgnar for example ends up turning into a Khajit woman named Pussywillow.
  • God in Human Form: Early on, a crazed old man in a purple robe storms into Orgnar's inn upon sensing a Wabbajack victim and is able to detail the extent of the Dragonborn's curse. A few strips later, this man turns out to be a literal sock puppet for Shegorath himself.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Starting with Part 4, when the series was turned from a few quick jokes into having an actual story, the comics strips are titled "The [blank]-ing", such as The Battling, The Explanationing, and The Heroinenening [sic].
  • Impossible Theft: When Fenrig decides to check the extent of the curse's effects by asking Pussywillow if she's a lawless thief in her current form, she reveals that she's already stolen everything of value in the area while they were having their conversation in order to impress him.
  • Jumped at the Call: After dragons burn down the inn and the curse spreads to a bunch of the local villagers, Delphine decides that's enough, and "bears the weight of heroism in the Dragonborn's stead". Shegorath then immediately and directly transforms her into Crushabelle.
  • Karmic Transformation: On multiple levels. It turns out that Shegorath's curse didn't specifically turn the Dragonborn into an in-universe fictional character; it's just what the Dragonborn believed a "civilized" Argonian acts like, and it was revenge for "toying with mortals" such as stealing all of a shop's wares one day and then knocking them all to the floor with a shout the next. Once the curse starts spreading to people that either take advantage of the cursed, or are being racist towards them, it changes them into their own false perceptions of other races, including an Argonian that becomes a human and makes a big deal over having hair and producing their own body heat. And according to "The Revealening", the whole mess started after Shegorath saw a group of city folk put on garish costumes and create obnoxious performances to mock the lower classes.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Early, when the Dragonborn laments what they could have done to deserve their current humiliation, we're shown him putting a basket over a shopkeep's head in order to steal all of their wares. Later, upon the villagers realizing that Lifts-Her-Tail is The Dragonborn and calling her out for not working harder to fight off her curse, one of them relates a story of how The Dragonborn stole all the corn from his field just to craft potions he could sell to someone else, and realizes their hero was always a bit of an ass.
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: If something happens to a cursed character that fits their "role", such as someone returning Lifts-Her-Tail's affections, the inner voice of their true self is briefly overwritten to accept it. It's later discovered that the Mind is also a Plaything of the Outfit, as a Forsworn headdress transforms Lifts-Her-Tail into a primitive savage, and a Mage Hood transforms Pussywillow into a nerd.
  • Not so Above It All: After spending the first ten pages being completely and utterly frustrated by Lifts-Her-Tail, Orgnar ends up sleeping with her, getting cursed in the process.
  • Nubile Savage: Orgnar becomes the savage Pussywillow Moonsugar after being cursed, dressed in beast-skins and claiming they're now illiterate while also attracted to "the scent of a noble Nord-man".
  • Role Swap AU: In addition to the main series, Valsalia has also drawn bonus comics depicting the main characters with different transformations, such as this Role Reversal swapping the Dragonborn's Argonian Maid transformation with Delphine's Barbarian Hero Crushabelle form.
  • RPG Mechanics 'Verse: The world still runs on Skyrim gameplay mechanics, which is problematic when the world's monsters start scaling their level to match "Lifts-Her-Tail", who has been allocating her skill points towards being a better maid.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Lifts-Her-Tail is one to a tee, openly flirting with the inn's guests and exposing herself (though due to Argonian biology, there's not much to actually show). Pussywillow is equally shameless, at least on the outside.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: Part 14 has an actual male Argonian and Khajit, upon seeing Lifts-Her-Tail and Pussywillow, take a moment to discuss how problematic it is that the girls are embodying their races' worst stereotypes when the Nords already have gripes against their races...before confirming that they'll still try to sleep with them anyways.
  • Tempting Fate: Orgnar, after sleeping with Lifts-Her-Tail, has just enough time to think to himself that giving in to a wench's temptation doesn't make him less of a man before transforming into the female Khajit savage Pussywillow Moonsugar.
  • Useless Useful Non-Combat Abilities: As Lifts-Her-Tail, the Dragonborn only has access to skill trees that involve being a better maid (such as "Cleaning", "Cooking", and "Seduction") instead of combat-oriented ones. However, she is able to escape being mugged by a using the curse to force him into the role of a submissive maid. It works.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When the villagers realize that, not only is The Dragonborn seemingly happy with turning into a Shameless Fanservice Girl, but also wasn't all that heroic in the first place, they decide to call them out on it before publicly embarrassing them (which, due to Lifts-Her-Tail's personality, she actually somewhat enjoys).