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Lucha Jack is one of seven artificially bred homunculi, created by Dr. Caligari with the intention of replacing an entire army. Of course, it doesn't work out and Lucha Jack ends up abandoning the CIA to join his brother, Silver Mask. What ensues (other than hilarity) is a series of over-the-top, chainsaw-filled adventures starring the titular Luchador and his assorted group of friends and questionably evil enemies.


Lucha Jack originated in a short webcomic by Bogleech forum member xolta, and quickly gained popularity throughout the site. Eventually, other forums members began to add to the canon with works like Lucha Jack: Origins, the New Adventures of Lucha Jack, and a pair of play-by-post text-adventures. Many notable aspects of the series include its numerous crossovers and cameos from other forum members, Bogleech in-jokes, and even entirely different series'.


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