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Level, stylized leveL, is a webcomic by Nate Swineheart.

The first iteration focused on Cael, an apparently-normal boy living in the massive futuristic metropolis of Level. Plagued by strange dreams, he decides one day to take home a school computer to research the possible causes. His plans are stymied, however, by his violent cousin Reagan, who shows up to take him shopping and then to a game of Gravball, on the suggestion of Cael's mother.

From there, everything goes quite insane. leveL went on a big hiatus from July 2010, then rebooted on August 1, 2013 on a brand-new website (you can still read the old version under "Extras").

The reboot explores the dystopic city of LeveL more, a sprawling metropolitan utopia, technologically advanced and socially just. Three years after the Holopaque Storm, a mysterious event that shook up the city of LeveL, triggering a war between the Tiern and UnTiern, the only eyewitness of the Storm, Cael Dalton, is being assigned a new therapist. At the same time, an equally mysterious optimist Rain has a package to deliver.

The Continuity Reboot has:

  • All There in the Manual: Here you can find information on the Tiers.
  • The Anti-Nihilist: Rain tells it beautifully:
    Rain: We're more than the awful things we endure. Just because the world around me is awful doesn't mean I have to be.