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Let It Ride is a daily long form color webcomic created by F. T. Benjamins in March 2014. Let It Ride follows the comedic exploits of Tona Zehm (an Iraq War veteran), Sam Christianos (a promiscuous journalism professor), and Eric Macdonald (a delusional drifter) who wander the United States Interstate highway system in a Ford Crown Victoria.

Let It Ride contains examples of:

  • Antihero: Eric is on a quest... even if it's only in his own mind.
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  • The Lancer: Sam is a fine example of a lusty third wheel whose choice of tactics differs from his more kinetically inclined compatriots.
  • Anything That Moves: Sam's usual choice of tactics.
  • Girls with Guns: Tona uses firearms as the first, last, and best response to most adverse circumstances.


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