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Even The Dogs Can Detect A Bad Move

Lessons of Dog World launched in 2012 on Wordpress, by user Miss_Sara_101 or Margaret, as some know her, during her final year studying for a degree in English Literature. As a chance to allow the work to be available, the web comic series has been placed under Creative Commons, usually Attribution-Noncommercial, but readers are asked to contact her via Twitter to allow commercial use of the work. The comics on done either by hand with the help of a scanner, or on a paint program like MS Paint or Gimp, a free open-source Photoshop program. Mainly focus on satire, it has on occasion has create works to remains what is humor and what is not. In recent days, some of the works have been made available on her Flickr page, however, it's so far with the newer comics, although plans for the older ones to be places have been talked about.


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