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'''La Valse Des Reves''' is a Webcomic created by Kohikki. It details the life of CHRIS FREDERICKS, a rather miserable person who right from the get-go gets dumped mid-way through a proposal by BROOKE MEYERSON. After the very traumatic experience, Chris goes into a depressive state for about a week. Then his friend, DAN SIEGEL who saw the breakup coming a mile away. After deciding to take a trip to his parents, he arrives there to find that they had went away on a trip. So he decide that he needs a shower.


During his time in the shower, he begins to hallucinate causing him to strike at the curtains and pass out. While he is asleep, the house-sitter, PARKER "LILY" LILLIAN finds him unconscious. She checks to make sure he is okay and then, she decides to go into his dreams believing it to be fate that he arrived.

The story and art is all done by Kohikki, like many Webcomics, but is notable in that the art and story are quite good. Also, the fact that there are many characters made by users of a forum in it allows for it to have a rather diverse cast with characters made by different people. Thus turning it into something of a community project for the Adult Swim Message Board, even though Kohikki is the one who writes and draws it.


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