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King of the Unknown

King of the Unknown is a rock-powered webcomic that’s equal parts supernatural horror, raunchy comedy, action epic, and all-you-can-eat conspiracy theory buffet.

Stygian horrors, alien invasions, covert ops are all just another day at the office for the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Ever since a supernatural mishap transformed the King and forced him to fake his own death (and perhaps forced some of his sanity into early retirement), he has dedicated his new secret life to a shadowy government organization known as the Institute for Research and Study of the Unknown (IRSU). With the help of a magical guitar, a rookie cryptozoologist, and his good friend Leonardo da Vinci (whose spirit resides in a robot body), King kicks the collective ass of everything that goes bump in the night. Their mission: to keep our world safe, and blissfully ignorant, from the unknown forces that constantly threaten our very existence.


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