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Kemono Cafe is a Webcomic hosting site that hosts Furry Webcomics. The site's home page is a portal to various comics along with a section dedicated to news articles that include news updates on figurines, Patreon, and convention events along with stories of Fable.

Webcomics hosted here include:

  • Addictive Science: The adventures of mad scientists.
  • Caribbean Blue: Cats and Cat Girls in adventures in the tropics.
  • The Eye of Ramalach: Adventurers searching for a buried treasure, they find an Eldritch Abomination instead.
  • I Mew: A smartphone that turns the owner into a cat.
  • Knighthood: Detailing Joy's adventures to becoming a knight.
  • Las Lindas: Detailing Mora Linda's ongoing efforts to run a dairy farm.
  • Paprika: The prequel and sequel to Caribbean Blue
  • Practice Makes Perfect: 4Koma Charlie Brown inspired comic.
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  • Rascals: A slice-of-life involving a group of 20-year-old anthros and the Usagi family.
  • Tina Of The South: A furry tale of the Old West.


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