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Webcomic / JUNE By Merle

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June is a Webcomic created by Merle

You can read it on Tapas

June´s life gets turned upside down when she gets kidnapped and wakes up in a mysterious "demon School". But, for all she knows, she´s just a mere human. Confronted with a twisted System of magic, Violence and Power, she tries to stay true to herself against all odds...and then the unthinkable happens... she falls in love, with one of the persons she should hate the most...

The Titular character

June shows examples of

  • Character Title: the series is named after the main protagonist

  • Honey Trap: Aiden does this to june to get more information on where her family could have vanished off to. you find out later he also tried to do this with his roommate, Ted

  • The Mole: Aiden, kind of, the problem is that people know he's a mole

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