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Isonacia is a webcomic on ComicFury about a six college student living their lives on series of hidden islands off the coast of the pacific coast with technology vastly surpassing that of the rest of the world. The story follows the daily lives of these six as they learn to live in the strange lands, as well as the mysterious machinations of the islands founder Isaac Cale, an over hundred year Brain Dumped Immortal, as he looks into the reappearance of the first AI ever made.


It can be read here. No new comics have been posted since August 2014.

Isonacia provides examples of:

  • Afraid of Blood: Marcus states he can't stand blood
  • Animesque: The art takes a few traits from anime such as the big eyes and the occasional Visible Sigh
  • Artificial Intelligence: The islands of Isonacia appear to have several AI's of many forms, such as Atlus, the Transportation and Maintenance Intelligence, Cale, The Brain dumped ruler of Isonacia, Mary, whose registered as the 58th AI, and Adam, whose registered as the 1st
  • Brain Uploading: Cale did this to not die of old age twenty some years before the story starts
  • Brawn Hilda fittingly enough, Brunhilda, who is a large silent imposing behemoth, and is the reason Alysandra can get away with half the stuff she does
  • Furry Fandom: Ben appears to be a furry, though it doesn't seem like he'd feel like talking about it
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  • Gaydar: Sarah claims to have one of these
  • Laser Blade: Subverted as the Plasma Club was designed to be this, but is not hot enough to cut through metal. it can, however, still horribly burn human skin
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Adam
  • Robotic Reveal: near the end of the prologue it's revealed that Mary is a robot
  • She Woman Man Hater: Alysandra is this trope exaggerated. She's ready to pop a blood vessel at the idea of having to be around a man for more than a minute. In her first appearance, she hospitalizes two guy for the crime of sitting where she wanted to sit.
  • Short Hair with Tail: Sarah sports this. the tail is her "special paintbursh"
  • Straw Feminist: Alysandra is this. the rest of the feminist club however seem to be reasonable
  • There Is Only One Bed: the first chapter invokes this trope, with all the apartments having only one bed as part of a social experiment

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