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Sammy featuring her smartphone.

iMew is a comedy webcomic drawn and written by Nekonny and co-written by Curran. Previously hosted by The Katbox, it is now part of the Kemono Cafe webcomic community.

Ever think your phone's controlling your life? Sammy sure feels that way! After purchasing a mysterious knock-off phone, she's discovered the apps control a little more than you or I would expect! Now she has to get her life back before the battery runs out!

The comic has now moved to Kemono Cafe and can be read here along with other webcomics such as Las Lindas, Knighthood, Addictive Science, Tinaofthe South, I Mew, Paprika, Caribbean Blue, Practice Makes Perfect, Rascals, and The Eyeof Ramalach.

The author's DeviantArt page can be seen here. The author's Patreon page can be seen here. The author's Twitter page can be seen here. The author's Picarto page can be seen here.


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