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What a great day to stay in a musky bedroom for hours and play video games!

Homestesque is a forum adventure based loosely on Homestuck. It's a reader-driven D&D session based on Homestuck, and features four kids playing an MMORPG called SQuest that's a tad more realistic than they thought it would be.

Although the medium and art style mimic Homestuck, 'Stesque is entirely original in terms of characters, plot, setting and species. It takes place in the same universe as SBurb, and many of the mechanics (names on 13th birthday, captchaloguing, strife specibus systems, etc) are the same. 'Stesque also incorporates a whole bunch of new laws based on D&D, though.


Now three threads long. Updates stopped for several months in favor of the making of [REDACTED], something big related to the comic.

On March 30th, 2014, author PaperHelmet canceled the adventure, citing burnout and "REDACTED" ending up too much to handle (?????). He moved on to a new adventure, M.S.T.T.E.

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