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The ceiling feels heavy.

Here I Lie Awake is a Psychological Horror webcomic created by melaredblu note . It features Zoey, a young woman who hasn't been getting much sleep and is starting to see things. It isn't clear (yet) how much of Zoey's visions are hallucinations and how much are the result of something more sinister at work, but they're certainly real to her, at great cost to Zoey and her family.


You can read the full comic HERE

Tropes in Here I Lie Awake include:

Affectionate Nickname: Zoey calls her aunt Natalie "Ant-Gnat" frequently.

Cool Aunt: Natalie is very close to Zoey and provides her unwavering support during her time of need.

Exhausted Eye Bags: Zoey features these constantly, to varying degrees of severity.

Madness Mantra: "it's gone, it's gone, it's gone, it's gone, it still hurts, it still hurts, it still hurts"

Medical Horror: When Zoey is taken to the doctor after her tooth breaks, we see the hospital and the dental surgery from her vulnerable, drugged, hallucinating eyes.

Recurring Dreams: Discussed. The comic opens with Zoey talking about how she's been having the same sensation every night, preventing her from sleeping. Nat suggest it's a bad dream, but Zoey insists otherwise.


The Insomniac: Zoey, as the title suggests.

The Tooth Hurts: Zoey's tooth cracks during her insomniac fugue, which we see in excruciating detail.